Their are various reasons why retailers are not profitable i have discussed major loosing points of retailers

1.Poor stock selection: If a retailer chooses the wrong stocks to invest in, they can quickly lose money.

2.High fees: Stock trading fees can quickly add up, reducing the profits of retailers who are investing in the stock market.

3.Lack of diversification: Having too much of one stock can be risky, leading to large losses if the stock market takes a dive.

4.Poor timing: Investing at the wrong time can lead to large losses as well, so retailers need to be aware of the timing of their investments.

5.Unfavorable market conditions: When the stock market is down, retailers who are invested in the market will suffer losses.

6.Poor research: Failure to perform adequate research on a stock can cause losses in the stock market.

7.Greed: Taking on excessive risk in the hope of making a big profit can lead to large losses when the stock market is volatile.

8.Over-investment: Investing too much of their resources into the stock market can lead to losses if the stock market takes a dive.

9.Poor risk management: Failing to diversify their portfolio or manage their risk appropriately can lead to losses in the stock market.

10.Bad luck: Occasionally, even the best investments can turn out poorly due to unforeseen circumstances.

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