Let’s look at some of the most important stock market terms you must know to trade stocks.

1. Annual Report

2. Arbitrage

3. Averaging Down

4. Bear Market

5. Beta

6. Blue-Chip Stocks

7. Bourse

8. Bull Market

9. Broker

10. Bid

11. Close

12. Day Trading

13. Dividend

14. Exchange

15. Execution

16. Haircut

17. High

18. Index

19. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

20. Leverage

21. Low

22. Margin

23. Moving Average

24. Open

25. Order

26. OTC Stocks

27. Pink Sheet Stocks

28. Portfolio

29. Quote

30. Rally

31. Sector

33. Short Selling

34. Spread

35. Stock Symbol

36. Volatility

37. Volume

38. Yield


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