The Learning with AJAY sir is fantastic the way he explains from scratch to an advance level is amazing. His top and Bottom Finding Strategies are amazing.


I just took the course to knew about Stock Market Little bit but once i started with my classes in 2 days i started gaining so much interested in market and impressed with sir Learnings. The course seems to be very excellent for beginners who want to start their carrier in stock market and also for those who want some passive income


Very good workshop i enjoyed and learned lot of things which i have never imagined also this may happens in stock market too


Super very useful no words to say as i am job person the strategies which Ajay sir discussed helped me to gain more confidence and more trust also my trades are done before 10am i liked that everyone who want to Any one who want to make carrier in stock mkt must attend his workshop


Classes with Mr. Kumar have been fun. His way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember everything. I recommend his workshops to everyone


You will never get a support like this in any other institute, you wont believe but people here are more than a money. Specially Ajay sir he is available anytime for help whatever the situation is, truely great team.


It is just awesome

Mitesh Ikar

It was a good experience for me to attend the class the concepts was very clear and the explanation is also very simple to understand thank you.

Nehal Alam

I had a great experience here and I love the quality of knowledge they provide.

Sandesh Salunke

Great learning platform for beginners, highly recommended. Sir is very helpful and has good approach in leading us to expertise.

Siddharth Bainsla

Very informative and good learning experience with them, Ajay sir is a really talented individual and a good teacher. Will highly recommend to learn from him. Good job 👍

Hithein Augustine

Trading in the post covid world is no longer a ‘want’, but instead is a ‘need’ and hence it is important for everyone to know about trading (at least basic). And for learning trading and related stuffs this place and teacher is probably the best.
Sessions are interactive, and informative and always on demand as well. The best part is that the ROI of this course is over 1000 times, you invest few thousand and get lakhs or even more than that in return.
In simple words the best place to learn trading or investing.

Aditya Ayur

Innovators and You Stock Market Institute delivers an outstanding education in stock market dynamics. With a cutting-edge curriculum, experienced instructors, and a focus on practical application, it provides a comprehensive learning experience. The institute’s commitment to staying current and fostering a supportive environment sets it apart as a top-notch resource for investor

Pooja Dhanker

Best coaching centre for stock market

Deepanshu Yadav

Whatever Mr Ajay Kumar is the only person who can make trading easy

Amit Chaudhary

Amazing classes amazing learnings with ajay sir

Harsh Thakur

Just fantastic highly recommended for full time traders

Anuj Kushwaha

Really A Good Place… And A Nice Study Expericend With A Nice Teacher ( Ajay Sir ) .. over All … This Is Best Institute for learn share Mareket

Jai Nagar

I had a great experience here and I love the quality of knowledge they provide.

Sandesh Saluke

It is a good platform where we can learn about stock market.

Shubhankar Ghosh