Well new traders are much aware of this word OVER-TRADING and you are much interested to knew why this is killing you capital at same time you physiology is effected.

Lets talk about over trading.

OVER TRADING is a disease from which you are effected since you started trading. You made good profit but later end of the day you are ending the day in RED color i.e. loss actually you don’t love Red Color but this disease is giving you that.


Set a rule and a target in your account Like for an example i will loose max 2% daily or else i will make 4% as a target in my account once target is done or losses are met as you have decided stop it right away find some other work or start back testing why you had loosed money in this trade.

Work on your mindset

Really saying straight forward to you reader if you mindset is not working as per you then this trading is not for you leave it right away and find some other job or business.

Trading is a business which can be done only with the patience.

Check my new blog on capital Management I grantee you will stop trading and your mindset will be right.

Ajay Kumar


Ajay Kumar is an entrepreneur who started his career early at age of 16. He started his own company at age of 21, made it a success. He has the ability as excellent stock market analyst with technical knowledge of the subject; Ajay can help you save a lot of money which you give the market after making your losses. He is the only one who has made INNOVATORS AND YOU as the best and the fastest growing institute for stock market in ASIA. Ajay Kumar is an MBA Professional with vocational experience in financial analysis. He is Expert in proceeding placements and imparting workshops. Active orator in share markets, micro/macro economics and stock analysis. A wordsmith in writing articles. Certificate holder in various modules of top financial institutes. Proficient in providing knowledge of financial modeling, financial derivatives, financial markets, ratio analysis, corporate valuation, mutual fund and much more.

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