Certainly! Let’s delve into a comprehensive analysis of Navneet Education Ltd. by examining both its technical and fundamental aspects.

Technical Analysis:

Share Price and Volume Trends:

As of the latest data, Navneet Education’s share price stands at ₹139.501.

Over the past year, the stock has risen by 57.72% from its 52-week low1.

The 1-month return shows a 13.2% decline, indicating recent volatility1.

Technical Indicators:

Durability Score: Medium

Financial Strength: Mid

Valuation Score: Mid

Momentum Score: Technically Neutral (40.9 out of 100)

Stock Performance Category:

Navneet Education falls into the category of mid-range performers.

These stocks are considered by investors who seek moderate risk exposure.

Price Targets:

Analysts estimate a 1-year price target of ₹182, implying a 30% upside potential1.

Fundamental Analysis:

Financial Metrics:

Market Capitalization: ₹3,155.7 crores

Revenue Growth (Annual YoY): High in the industry (51.1%)

Operating Revenue Growth (TTM): Below industry median (7.1%)

Net Profit TTM Growth: Negative (−14%)

Valuation Ratios:

P/E Ratio (TTM): Above industry median (17.5)

Price-to-Book Ratio: Above industry median (2.7)

Operating Profit Margin (Annual):

High in the industry (17.4%)

Dividend Yield:


SWOT Analysis:


Effective capital utilization (RoCE improving in the last 2 years).

Healthy debt-to-equity ratio (0.24).


Declining net cash flow and cash from operating activity over the past 2 years.

Poor cash generation from core business.


Increasing trend in non-core income.


Notable threat identified.

Please note that this analysis provides a snapshot, and investors should conduct further research before making any investment decisions. Always consider your risk tolerance and investment goals. 📈📊

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