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Marketing Course

We often come across the term "marketing". To maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with the clients a company needs to involve a wide range of activities to meet the needs of the customer. To be an efficient marketer it's needed to always keep in mind the desires of the customer and at the same time fetch a good return. Very often enterprises commit the severe mistake of not exploring the wants of the customer and keep making strenuous efforts through numerous advertising campaigns to sell the product or service. It is similar to building a house with a beautiful ladder without a roof.
It is important to gain all knowledge about marketing before you think of engaging yourself in it. Innovators and You has again come up with ways to provide you with concrete knowledge of marketing with all the roles and skills required to be an efficient marketer. This recorded course is going to help you in tremendous ways in learning, serving and earning.

Key takeaways of the course"

  • 7 c's of communication
  • Sales management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • The factor that influences the design of a compensation plan
  • Modern Sales Manager training 
  • Market forecast
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Relationship marketing
  • Elaboration Likelihood Model Theory (ELM)
  • Brand equity
  • Customer reference program (CRP)
  • Public Relation Project (PRP)
  • All about Services 
  • Pricing strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Long-term SEO
  • Long-term Email Marketing
  • Advertising strategies
  • Introduction to international marketing
  • Culture and business: within and beyond Visegrad borders
  • International marketing research
  • Criteria connected with the market

Course fees: ₹1000/- (Course duration of 10 days)
Offer Price: Rs. 500 /- (* Limited period offer)

We will also be providing a certificate and an internship (period of 1month).

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