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Complete Guide to Intra Day Trading

Intraday techniques deals with buying & selling of securities within the same trading day. Securities can be invested in any mode. Intraday traders squared their trade at the end of the day. The intention is to make profit not to earn interest in Intraday Trading.

Our Education is more advantageous as

To provide the deep structured knowledge of Intraday Trade so trader can earn maximum amount of profit by taking advantages of price movements.

Who can opt for the course?
Anyone having interest in Intraday Trade

Learnings of Day trading

  • Where to place Intraday Trade
  • What kind of securities to choose from
  • When to execute Trades
  • Entry/Exit strategies
  • Day trading Tips & strategies
  • Trading indicators
  • Calculation of stop loss
  • Making profit in Intraday
  • Who should participate in day trading
  • Mastering in short term trading

Course fees: Rs. 3000 /-

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