• It totally depends on the conditions person to person but having multiple screen setup can be beneficial in few ways

1. Increased visibility: Having multiple screens allows a trader to see more information at once, increasing their visibility into the markets.

2. Improved efficiency: A multiple screen setup can help traders be more efficient in their decision making by allowing them to quickly access and analyze information.

3. Real-time monitoring: With multiple screens, traders can monitor multiple markets and instruments in real-time, allowing them to quickly respond to market changes.

4. Better organization: Multiple screens can help traders better organize their information and resources, improving their workflow and productivity.

5. Multiple chart analysis: With multiple screens, traders can view multiple charts and technical indicators, providing a more comprehensive view of market trends.

6. Improved multitasking: Traders can use multiple screens to simultaneously perform different tasks, such as monitoring news sources, tracking multiple market indices, and monitoring multiple

7. Enhanced risk management: With a multiple screen setup, traders can monitor multiple positions and track their overall risk exposure, helping them to manage risk more effectively.

8. Improved focus: Having multiple screens can help traders stay focused on the markets and avoid distractions, improving their overall performance.

9. Increased productivity: By having access to more information and resources, traders can be more productive and make more informed decisions.

10. Increased confidence: With a multiple screen setup, traders can have increased confidence in their ability to make informed trading decisions, improving their overall performance and success
in the markets.

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