Courses of Financial Markets

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation method that arrived by performing security analysis ,an good security analysis forms the basics of successful investment decision.
This finance course will take the mystery out of fundamental analysis and help you make the right business decisions.
Technical analysis is most widely used method of analysis by private traders on the stock exchange based on historical prices

Our education is more advantageous as

To provide knowledge about the Fundamental and Technical analysis To provide an understanding of the complexities of Fundamental and Technical analysis, both internally and externally To provide participants with the knowledge of risks and rewards of Fundamental and Technical analysis.

Learnings of Fundamental and Technical Analysis

  • Basic technical analysis
  • Technical indicators
  • Chart pattern
  • Japanese candlesticks
  • Types of charts
  • Tools & techniques to grow your portfolio
  • Techniques to read financial statements of the companies for investment purpose
  • Valuation of stock, valuation of companies

Course fees: Rs. 12000 /-

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