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MS Excel Course

Good organising strategies are very critical for an enterprise. Data has the key to managing the most valuable assets of a company. MS Excel is a very commonly used software program these days. It stores data in a spreadsheet in an organised manner.

Excel analysis is omnipresent throughout the world and is helpful for enterprises of all sizes to perform financial analysis. By possessing an appropriate knowledge of MS Excel you can entirely run the budgeting, accounting and forecasting of your organisation flawlessly. 

Innovators and You has come up with a live course that is going to help you learn everything about MS Excel. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced analyst, this course ensures to help you in all possible ways. Here we are to help you be an Excel power user.

Key takeaways of the course"

  • About MS Excel
  • Data Entry in MS Excel
  • Entering and editing formulas
  • Formatting
  • Adjusting layouts 
  • Print
  • Charts
  • Adjusting workbook
  • Multiple workbooks
  • If condition VLOOKUP
  • Protecting sheets
  • Data Management
  • Pivot table
  • Macros
  • The speciality of our batch
    • Creating of id card using Excel
    • Magical Formulas
    • Fully automatic attendance sheet, payslip, invoice
    • Cashbook in Excel 
    • Automatic mark sheet in Excel
    • Automatic multi-rate GST invoice in Excel 
    • Dynamic chart with a drop-down list

Course fees: ₹2000/-
Offer Price: Rs. 1500 /-(Course duration of 20 days)

*Certificate included in the course

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