Common Trading Mistakes

Mistakes are part and parcel of life. Mistakes in trading or investment are a part of the learning process. After all, making money consistently and in a shorter period isn't as easy as it is expected to be.


Data Analytics in Business

The basic step for a successful business evolves through proper data management. Data essentially constitutes statistics and facts that are collected while the operation of a business.


Blockchain Technology

Followed by the internet, the block chain technology lying beneath the crypto currencies are considered to be the next big thing. The term block chain technology alludes to the detailed financial transaction history.


Psychology of Financial Market

Sentiments of investors very often drive the market to a track that falls against the fundamentals. Fear, expectations, greed and sometimes difficult situations of the investors leads to boom and bust cycles in financial markets.


Controversies related to financial market

The Stock Market has become a platform for growing unethical practices. There is an artificial increase in prices before rights are being issued. Some investments are diverted to speculative activities or any personal use.


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